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Thrift Stores

We   trust   that   when   you   visit   our   store   you   will   be   well   pleased   with   the   overall   appeal.      Our entire   team   works   very   hard   to   be   sure   that   our   store   is   very   neat,   clean,   and   organized   at all times. New   items   are   put   on   the   sales   floor   daily,   assuring   you   something   new   every   time   you   visit.     The   sales   from   items   donated   to   our   thrift   stores   provide   90%   of   the   funding   needed   to operate our program. We   strive   in   creating   merchandise   with   a   special   style.      Our   program   participants   share   in their   skills   and   knowledge   to   re-furbish   merchandise   which   normally   would   go   the   landfills.     Our goal is to rebuild lives with re-purposing products donated.


We   accept   donations   anytime   during   regular   business   hours.      You   may   bring   your   items directly   in   the   front   door   (both   locations)   or   pull   around   to   the   left   side   of   the   building   (Two Notch   Location   only)   to   the   roll-up   door   and   we   will   be   happy   to   assist   you.   We   also   offer   a FREE   pick-up   service   for   large   donations   or   a   large   quantity   of   donations.      Feel   free   to   give us   a   call   at   (803)   754-1114   or   (803)   794-1786   and   we   would   be   glad   to   assist   you   with scheduling a pick-up.

Thrift Store Locations

6000 Two Notch Road Columbia, SC 29223 M - SAT. 9:00 - 5:00 (803) 754-1114 1916 AUGUSTA RD West Columbia, SC 29169 M - SAT. 9:30 - 5:30 (803) 794-1786 General Manager Sally Stypczynski
Faith Based Recovery Since 1998
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