Recovery for addicts & alcoholics


Under       the       direction       of       Tony       Gould, President/CEO    and    governed    by    a    Board    of Directors      since      1998,      SSM      has      been conducting    weekly    Bible    studies    at    Morris Village,   a   state   run   drug   and   alcohol   recovery center    based    in    Columbia,    SC.    The    ministry also     conducts     the     worship     services     two Sundays   per   month   there   as   well.         Stepping Stones     is     a     non-profit,     non-sectarian     and relies    solely    on    outside    contributions    and donations.      Our   primary   focus   is   to   assist   men and   women   in   recovery   from   drug   and   alcohol addiction    by    providing    sober    living    homes once    they    complete    treatment    programs    or detox centers.
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In   2007,   Stepping   Stones   Ministry   received   a Grant       from       South       Carolina       DAODAS (Department     of     Alcohol     and     Other     Drug Abuse   Services)   for   the   purchase/renovation and   operation   of   housing   for   an   additional   16 beds   for   men,   bringing   our   total   number   of beds to 25. In   April   2013,   a   home   was   purchased   for   the Women’s   Program,   providing   an   additional   5 beds    for    women    beginning    their    journey    to recovery   which   brings   our   total   to   30   beds   for men/women. A   bimonthly   food   pantry   is   operated   to   assist low   and   fixed   income   church   and   community residents,    as    well    as    program    participants initially upon entry to our program.
Contact    Stepping    Stones    at    (803) 386-8077    and   speak   with   someone about      making      a      life      changing decision.