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About Us

Under   the   direction   of   Tony   Gould,   President/CEO   and   governed   by   a   Board   of   Directors since   1998,   SSM   has   been   conducting   weekly   Bible   studies   at   Morris   Village,   a   state   run   drug and   alcohol   recovery   center   based   in   Columbia,   SC.   The   ministry   also   conducts   the   worship services   two   Sundays   per   month   there   as   well.         Stepping   Stones   is   a   non-profit,   non- sectarian   and   relies   solely   on   outside   contributions   and   donations.      Our   primary   focus   is   to assist   men   and   women   in   recovery   from   drug   and   alcohol   addiction   by   providing   sober living homes once they complete treatment programs or detox centers.  Since   its   inception   in   1998,   Stepping   Stones   Ministry   has   successfully   operated   a   Thrift   Store on   Two   Notch   Rd   which   financially   supports   the   ministry.   In   November   2003   and   2005   we acquired sober living houses for men. In     2007     Stepping     Stones     Ministry     received     a     Grant     from     South     Carolina     DAODAS (Department   of   Alcohol   and   Other   Drug   Abuse   Services)   for   the   purchase/renovation   and operation   of   housing   for   an   additional   16   beds   for   men,   bringing   our   total   number   of   beds to 25. In   2008   SSM   opened   a   second   thrift   store   on   Augusta   Road   to   help   support   the   ministry. The   residents   that   have   no   job   or   are   not   immediately   employable   work   in   our   stores,   which in   turn   pays   their   way   through   the   program   and   develops   their   employment   skills   until   they are able to find gainful employment. From   the   beginning,   it   has   been   one   of   our   goals   to   provide   sober   living   housing   for   women.     In   April   2013   a   home   was   purchased   for   the   Women’s   Program,   providing   an   additional   5 beds   for   women   beginning   their   journey   to   recovery   which   brings   our   total   to   30   beds   for men/women. A   bimonthly   food   pantry   is   operated   to   assist   low   and   fixed   income   church   and   community residents, as well as program participants initially upon entry to our program.

Our Values

These are Stepping Stones "Core Values and Beliefs" We   commit   to   providing   compassionate   yet   firm   Christian   rehabilitation   and   recovery program   for   alcoholics   and   addicts   based   on   the   principles   and   teachings   of   Jesus Christ along with the twelve steps of recovery of AA and NA. We    respect    the    individual,    and    believe    that    individuals    who    are    treated    with compassion and respect and given responsibility respond by giving their best. Our actions reflect the values we believe in. We require complete honesty and integrity in everything we do. We   make   commitments   with   care,   and   then   live   up   to   them.   In   all   things,   we   do   and say we follow-up with commitment and positive action. Work   is   an   important   part   of   life,   therefore,   it   is   an   important   part   of   the   recovery program. We   are   frugal.   We   guard   and   conserve   the   Stepping   Stones   resources   with      the   same vigilance that we would use to guard and conserve our own personal resources. We   insist   on   giving   our   best   effort   in   everything   we   undertake.   Furthermore,   we   see   a huge   difference   between   "good   mistakes"   (best   effort,   bad   result)   and   "bad   mistakes" (sloppiness or lack of effort). Clarity   in   understanding   our   mission,   our   goals,   and   what   we   expect   from   each   other is critical to our success. We   feel   a   sense   of   urgency   on   any   matters   related   to   our   residents,   staff   and   alumni. We own problems and we are always responsive.

Board Members

Tony Gould President / CEO Kenneth Brazell Vice President Sarah Gould Dishaw Treasurer Shelby Rials Secretary Gaynelle Thompson Morgan Hill Kenny Haney Susan Bebee Sally Stypczynski
Faith Based Recovery Since 1998
Columbia, SC
Stepping Stones Ministry, Inc.
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